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        Modern intelligent factory

        Pharmaceutical Industry Automation key Project case Introduction


        Case 1 tasly Northeast Modern Chinese Medicine – Intelligent Unmanned Factory Project

        Central control roomall operations and controls are in the central control rooms, no operator on-site

        Operation interface of host Control system

               The first unmanned traditional Chinese medicine extraction plant project, the system uses powerful DCS system, realized an automatic, informationalized, up to date product platform of traditional Chinese medicine extraction data collection. Online equipment data acquisition real-time control management, measurement, parameter adjustment functions. And for the first time, integrated the video surveillance system into the DCS System, Platform unified management, the entire control system is based on the WEB Distributed control system, can be accessed through PC or mobile phone anywhere. (with rights Management)

             At present, three shifts production only needs 66 manpower, that is 97 less than previous projects, at the same time automated control, accurate online real-time data acquisition and monitoring, can minimize human error, improve product quality control level and stability, ensure transparency of production data, to provide assurance of data integrity.

        Panorama of water Extraction zone

        Water Extract Filter Area

        Filtrate Concentrator Area

        Tank Platform for extracted liquid

        Construction details of cable tray and routing

        Case 2 tasly Modern Chinese Medicine - GMP Extraction Automation Project

        Overview of extraction and concentration process

        Quality Analysis Operation interface

        3D presentation of the data of all public utility system and process system which is collected and sorted, the problem of the information isolated island is solved. And the energy consumption data archived according to the batch, can be converted to batch energy costs. By cutting production data into batches, the key data between batches can be compared and analyzed by univariate analysis. To provide critical data sources for quality department.

        Case 3 tasly pride - Sterile Preparation Workshop MES Project

        production process data collection and OEE calculation

        Siemens MES eBR Client

        The project implements batch process data management, which can be archived and queried according to time, batch, etc. Data analysis and univariate analysis can be carried out between batches. The system monitors all production equipment in real time and calculates the overall effectiveness of the equipment (OEE). By using the MES system to control the weighing process, the operator station receives the work orders issued by the process technician containing the information of product name, weight and batch number, which reduces the risk and error caused by human intervention.

        Case 4 tasly Medicine - Sterile Preparation Air Conditioning control project

        Air conditioning unit and room temperature and humidity control interface

        data monitoring of temperature, humidity, pressure difference, ozone concentration in workshop (3D effect)


        Sterile preparation Air Conditioning automatic control system, mainly includes three parts:

        1, Automatic control of room temperature and humidity, air supply and pressure difference.

        2, Detection, storage, alarm function for clean room temperature humidity, pressure difference, ozone concentration, dust particles. Automatically generate day, month, Annual Report table.

        3, Electronic record, electronic signature feature with compliance of FDA 21 CFR part 11.

        through the data monitoring and control of air-conditioning units, room temperature and humidity pressure difference control, cooling tower / Refrigeration Station circulation pump, FFU , ozone generator and other equipment condition monitoring and remote start and stop, as well as steam, cooling water and energy consumption statistics, recording functions. To ensure that in production process, room temperature and humidity, pressure difference meet the needs of use, the maximum help enterprises to save energy and reduce consumption.

        Air conditioning system Running process report

        Installation and construction of temperature, humidity and pressure sensor

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